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Why Are We Different?

Dual Commission Income

Hold both Real Estate and Mortgage Licenses at the same time! Additionally, earn commission from all sides of a transaction (Sale, Purchase, and Mortgage)

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We Have The Leads!

With over $200,000 in lead generation spent each year, we guarantee that we have leads for you. Our systems will deliver the leads directly to your cell phone. Additionally, our in-house call center will set appointments for you. 

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Utilize Our Legacy Program

Build equity within our three companies as your footprint grows.  Have others work below you and earn a cut of their deals!

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Commission Splits

 60/40 agent favor until a cap of $9,000 to the broker is paid. Then it is 90/10 after. 

Agents who are licensed Mortgage Loan Officers will get 1% on each transaction in addition to real estate commission.  

For transactions resulting from a "company" generated lead or client, the split will vary slightly due to higher overhead. 

Dual Commission Income

Get a Mortgage License through Somerset Lending and Earn Dual Commissions

Get a Mortgage License through Somerset Lending and Earn Dual Commissions

Right now you're thinking "sounds too good to be true." But it is true, and our Dual Agents who have both  mortgage and real estate licenses convert an average of 70% of buyers into mortgage customers as well. Buyers love it because it's less work for them. 

No Additional Time Required

We get it: you want to focus your time on being a great real estate agent. Somerset Lending will assign you to a dedicated mortgage assistant that will do all the heavy lifting, including direct contact with your clients for all documentation gathering and follow-up. And you will be updated on a regular basis with any change in status.

Enhance Your Professional Credentials

Our Dual Agents find it much easier to win over listings and buyers. New clients will gravitate towards someone that can articulate the mortgage process. Sellers appreciate that our Dual Agents have the ability to spot weaknesses and strengths among prospective buyers. You'll be able to pull credit and know immediately if your purchase client is viable.

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We Have The Leads!

Leads For Everyone! 

We spend over $200,000 on leads annually which are then given out to all of our agents! Every single lead we have is captured while they are looking at houses which allows for high quality and motivated future clients! No COLD leads here! 

We Set Appointments For You! 

You may be thinking: great they have leads, but how is that going to help me?  With our team of dedicated Inside Sales Agents, we will set appointments and pass off motivated clients to you. We keep our distribution fair, however we will favor the motivated agents in an effort to keep their pipeline full. Its simple, show up, work hard, and get more business! 

Technology That Works

Our agents have access to powerful tools which help them stay organized and productive. Our system even calls leads for you when one is assigned to you. All of our resources are provided to our agents at no cost! 

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Utilize Our Legacy Program


Build Your Own Team! 

All of our agents have the ability to build their own team by bringing on agents to work beneath them. This opens the door for better collaboration, efficiency, and best of all, overrides on their transactions!

Get Overrides From Your Agents! 

Our legacy program will allow agents to keep the compliance fee for every transaction completed by agents they recruit, which currently is $299. Additionally, agents can collect 1/4% on all loans associated with their agents - Agents receiving mortgage overrides must have a valid mortgage license.

Indefinite Passive Income

Agents will receive their overrides paid out on each transaction for as long as they work with Andrews Realty & Somerset Lending. 

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Want Unlimited Income Potential?

You can earn as much as you want, also our dual income business model drastically increases your earning potential. 

Need Real Estate Guidance?

 We have a mentor program that will help you learn the ropes.  With over 20+ years of experience, Brad and his staff can help you through any situation. 

New To Real Estate?

You are not in this alone! Utilizing our training and mentor programs, you will always have someone to answer your questions and help with your deals. 

Looking for LEADS?

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on leads each year which are evenly distributed between our motivated agents. If you are willing to work hard but earn large commission checks at the same time, we have the solution for you!

Want A Great Work/Life Balance?

Our agents are not required to spend any time in the office. All of our systems are web-based giving you the freedom to choose where you work! 

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