Andrews Realty School of Conversion

Real Estate Basics:


#1 - Prospect

This is the most important aspect of building your business. Without prospecting, you will struggle to generate enough business to survive. Take advantage of the tools we offer; the company invests heavily in lead generation so our agents will stay as busy as possible. 

#2 - Set A Schedule

Setting a schedule is key to staying productive. Agents who spend their downtime at the office tend to have more closings. In addition, ISAs tend to give more leads to agents they are familiar with. 

#3 - Stay Motivated

When making calls, you will get hung up on. The more time you spend making calls, the better you will become at handling objections and knowing the right questions to ask. Greatness comes with experience, so stick with it!

#4 - Practice

Role playing is one of the most effective ways to initially become familiar with the scripts. Ask your friends or family to pretend to be a buyer or seller and try to close them on an appointment. Remember, scripts can only take you so far, you must learn to break the script when necessary. 

#5 Ask For Help

If you find that you are having trouble with something such as converting leads or using the system, ask us for help; We are happy to assist you!

-Learn More

Below are a few great videos that go over sales, lead conversion, and how to stay successful. At the bottom of the page, download the scripts. Come back often for new sales material.

The link below has useful information about how the systems we use work. 

System Training

Sales Training

New Agent Bootcamp

-Are you new to real estate, phone sales, or both? This is a great video to start with.

It goes over some of the basics of making outbound calls to leads. The video actually starts around 2:50.

Sales Call Roleplay

This is an example roleplay for a buyer in the CINC database. 

Brian Tracy - The Psychology Of Selling

This audiobook goes over the different aspects of selling and how to have the correct mindset to become successful.

Top 5 Reasons Agents Fail